We're All In The Same Boat - A Continuing Review

Let’s Discuss Some Classics! 

Three Men In A Boat can be read in a Kindle compilation of classic books everyone should take the time to read. I'm not making money on it. The book is free and the link can be found at the bottom of this little piece. :)

This is a humorously philosophical book that begins with the narrator discussing how he knows he doesn’t have long to live because of the number of illnesses with which he suffers. He knows he has them because every circular containing ads for medicines lists the same symptoms from which he suffers and he has looked up symptoms in his book on diseases. Among his afflictions are typhoid fever, gout, liver problems, and zymosis. However, he does not have Handmaid’s Knee and this actually puts him off a bit. He goes so far as to check his pulse and heartbeat. At first, he cannot detect either of them - which is very troubling. 

Convinced he will be a prize to medical science, he visits his doctor, describes all his symptoms and endures the tests to confirm his self-diagnoses. The doctor writes out a prescription and hands it to him:

1 lb of beefsteak

1 pt of bitter bear every six hours

1 ten-mile walk every morning

1 bed at 11 sharp every night

And don’t stuff up your head with things you don’t understand. 

The prescription makes him feel better and after several weeks, he is pleased to still be alive. 

Now, he is in a boat with two other men who have their own symptoms of various diseases, although he is sure that one man doesn’t have the problems. He just needs a good psychiatrist. 


I have not finished the book yet, but I will have it read by tomorrow. Still, I think I can tell you where the phrase “All in the same boat” came from and I am astounded at how little people have changed throughout history.  Back then, it was advertisements and books that scared readers. Now, it is advertisements and Google. ;-)

So far the book is a good one. Within just a few pages, I have smiled, laughed, and spent time in consideration of the human condition. 

Three Men In A Boat was written by Jerome K. Jerome and was published in 1887. 

Find it on Amazon:

Note: The Kindle book is free and I do not make money from zero :)

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